Tummy Tuck Revision in Newport Beach Orange County

Newport Beach Tummy Tuck Revision Patient 9

This 45 year-old female presented to Orange County Plastic Surgery with a request to undergo tummy tuck revision. The patient was unhappy with her lower abdominal tissue excessdespite a previous tummy tuck. She also felt that she still had upper mid-abdominal bulge that stuck out more relative to the lower abdomen.

On examination, the patient was found to have a W-abdominoplasty scar, a mild degree of lower abdominal laxity and a moderate degree of upper abdominal bulge. The patient underwent a full abdominoplasty revision and conversion to a high-definition tummy tuck.

During the tummy tuck revision, the patient’s navel was released again. Upper abdominal skin and tissue were again undermined and the patient’s muscles were again further tightened. Her upper abdominal skin and tissue were then pulled down by about 2 inches. The old navel opening was closed off on itself and a new navel opening was created. The navel was then pulled through and secured in position. Patient also received liposuction of her flanks and waist areas to create an hour-glass shape and to smoothen her abdominal contour. Finally, the patient was liposculpted to enhance her definitions and bring out her abdominal muscle features.

Patient’s post-operative pictures were taken at 3 months after her tummy tuck revision. At this point, her scars are still relatively fresh and pink. The scars continue to improve over time and will become fainter and less discrete within 12 to 18 months.

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