Tuberous Breast Correction Orange County & Riverside

Tuberous breasts have a very narrow base and usually a long skin envelope. The breasts are not as round in shape, lack lower pole breast tissue and skin, and have a tight mammary crease under the breast with a very short distance from the nipple to the crease. Also, the nipple-areola complex is larger in diameter than normal and is often herniated or bulging. The amount of breast tissue can be variable, as well as the nature of the deformity. The degree of tubular deformity can be the same on both sides; however, often there is significant breast asymmetry (difference between the two breasts in terms of shape and size). 

Depending on the degree of tubular breast deformity, a number of procedures are available for correction. Tubular breast, also known as tuberous breast or constricted breast, is a developmental disorder of the breast shape and growth that can cause significant body image concerns. The best analogy for the breast shape is of Snoopy's nose.

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