Mommy Makeover Revision in Newport Beach Orange County

Newport Beach Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation Revisions

This 34 years old female presented to Orange County Plastic Surgery with a request to undergo tummy tuck and breast augmentation revisions that she had had with another surgeon in 2009. On examination, the patient’s breast implants were too low with lack of upper breast fullness. Also, the left implant was lower than the right one and both breasts sagged. Patient’s tummy tuck scar was also wide, uneven, and high on the sides. The patient underwent a full tummy tuck revision with lowering of her tummy tuck scar. At the same time, she also had breast augmentation revision and breast lift with correction of her implant pockets.Post-operative pictures are taken at 3 months after her mommy makeover revision.

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