Hand Rejuvenation Orange County & Riverside

With age the fatty layer under the skin diminishes, which leaves the skin on the hands looking translucent. In turn, the veins on the hands become more pronounced. In order to turn back time patients seek to have either fillers or their own fat injected under their hands. In our practice, we believe that the fat transfer technique is far superior to the fillers for several reasons.

  1. Your own fat is replacing the fatty layer that has become thinned. The procedure leaves patients with more youthful and even skin on their hands
  2. The transferred fat will become permanent after a few months and thus the correction is permanent. In our hands, most patients have only required one round of fat transfer.
  3. Multiple syringes of fillers will become more expensive than a single round of fat transfer.
  4. Fillers are not permanent and the injections may need to be repeated every 6 to 12 months.

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