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As time, gravity, sun exposure, and the stresses of daily life take their toll on our faces, most of us experience facial drooping and laxity. These changes reflect themselves on several areas of the face. Typically, the cheek fat descends on our face, deep creases appear beside the mouth, the jaw line slackens, and folds and fat deposits appear on the neck.

A face lift, also known as rhytidectomy, removes excess fat and tightens the underlying tissue, smoothing the loose, sagging skin on your face and neck. The results of a face lift can be anywhere from subtle to dramatic but the end goal is a firmer face that appears refreshed. The effects of a face lift are dependent on both the patient's desires and pre-op appearance, and your plastic surgeon’s goals.

A face lift is a true expression of your surgeon's artistic ability. Given the fact that there are over 10 types of face lift procedures, ranging from 1.5 hours to 4-5 hours, no two face lifts will ever be the same. At Orange County Plastic Surgery, Dr. Siamak Agha usually performs a face lift with neck lift for most patients. This procedure usually takes about 4 hours and is designed to give the patient optimal correction through face lift scars that are well positioned and well hidden in natural facial lines; shown in these before and after pictures.

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The Facelift Procedure

The incision starts within the temporal hairline, continues in the natural crease in front of the ear, inside the ear cartilage, and around the ear lobule. The incision is then extended behind the ear depending on the severity of the neck laxity. Through this incision, the underlying facial tissue is returned to its anatomical position or sculpted on a customized basis. Given the fact that no two sides of the face are ever symmetrical, a face lift can be customized in order to create evenness.

Most face lift procedures involves the same concept of facial skin elevation, muscle tightening, and excision of the excess facial skin. However, the amount of work done while tightening the muscle can range from placement of a few stitches to more comprehensive tightening of the facial muscles. The way that the facial muscles and tissues are tightened and repositioned forms the main basis for the different techniques. Usually shorter face lift procedures involve less corrective maneuvers than the more extensive and longer face lift procedures. Our aim is to restore a more youthful appearance while maintaining a natural look.

Aside from the traditional face lift surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Agha also performs other procedures to help turn back the hands of time, such as:

1.) Mini Face Lift

A mini face lift (facelift), also called a short scar face lift, is similar to a traditional face lift but is geared towards people in their 40s and 50s who are experiencing some laxness around their jawline but have good skin tone. A mini face lift is ideal for those who wish to halt and reverse the aging process but who do not want to have a total face lift. The scars resulting from the mini face lift are much shorter than with a traditional face lift and the recovery period and swelling is also less with the mini face lift as compared to the traditional face lift. Most patients are able to return to work in about seven days following the procedure.

2.) Mid Face Lift

A mid face lift enhances the triangular-shaped area between the corners of the eyes and the corners of the mouth. It is a procedure geared toward those in their 30s and 40s who may have found the skin under the eyes sunken in and their cheek flat. A mid face lift works on the deeper layers of the face to reposition and restore cheek fullness. This creates a more natural look by pulling up the middle of the face and removing the tension from the skin. A mid face lift can be performed in an hour or two as an outpatient procedure. It can be a stand-alone procedure or done in conjunction with other surgeries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does a face lift last?

The length of time a face lift lasts depends on a variety of factors such as heredity and lifestyle. While a face lift does not stop the aging process, patients enjoy the results of their surgical procedure for many years. Some patients opt to have more improvements at a later date.

Who makes for a good face lift candidate?

Men and women can both benefit from face lift surgery. The surgical procedure may have to be modified for some men. Thousands of people every year have a successful face lift surgery and are happy with the results.

You may desire a face lift if you have one or more of the following:

1. A fold, or deep line, that runs from the corner of your nose to the corner of your mouth
2. Jowls or the loss of a well-defined jaw line
3. Sagging of the cheekbones or deep wrinkles in the cheeks
4. Wrinkles, excess fatty tissue, loose skin or vertical “cords” on the neck

While a face lift can fix a multitude of problems as described above, it cannot correct sagging eyebrows, wrinkles around the mouth or excess skin and fatty deposits in the lower and upper eyelids. If you are interested in fixing any of these problems, your surgeon can give you more information regarding brow lifts, lip augmentation or eyelid surgery.

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