Buttock Augmentation Orange County & Riverside

With the increasing public awareness and knowledge of buttock reshaping procedures, an increasing number of patients are seeking buttock enhancement surgeries to achieve rounder, more projected, abd perkier buttocks.

Buttock augmentation may be performed by using silicone buttock implants, or your own liposuctioned fat. The latter procedure is known as buttock lipoaugmentation or Brazilian Butt Lift. Due to the risks associated with the use of buttock implants, most patients elect to have a Brazilian Butt lift. However for those patients who have little to no extra fat, buttock implants offer the second best approach to that fuller and rounder buttocks. Buttock Implants come in several different styles and sizes. They are all placed through a vertical incision in between the buttock cheeks. Through the incision, a pocket is created within or over the buttock muscles. The buttock implants are then passed through the incision into the pocket to enhance the buttock shape and volume. Read more.

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