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This procedure is for patients that have undergone a breast removal for breast cancer. Once a patient has finished their battle with cancer and are medically sound to undergo surgery, breast reconstruction surgery will recreate the breasts back to their normal appearance and size. Breast reconstruction consists of a variety of reconstructive surgery options. Not every option is right for every person. There are benefits and risks for each type of breast reconstruction procedure and which option you choose is directly related to your specific nee

When is a breast reconstruction procedure done?

Breast reconstruction is performed after a mastectomy. It is typically done when you are still under anesthesia but the procedure can be delayed and performed as a secondary surgery. Breast reconstruction depends on a number of factors and when it is performed is different for everyone. The type of tumor can make a difference as to when the procedure is done. Both an immediate and delayed breast reconstruction procedure are good options.

How many operations make up a breast reconstruction procedure?

A breast reconstruction procedure is a sequence of operations made up of two or more stages. It begins with the more complicated and complex part of the surgery. It is also usually the longest. The second and third part of the sequence of operations can be done as an outpatient procedure and might include surgeries such as nipple reconstruction, exchanging of breast implants, revisions of the reconstructed breast and surgery to correct symmetry of the breasts. When these secondary procedures are performed can be directly influenced by chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

What options are there for breast reconstruction?

If you are considering breast reconstruction surgery, when you have the surgery can depend on how soon after the mastectomy you want the surgery and the recommendations from the doctor. Whether you have immediate or secondary breast reconstruction surgery, the decision to have surgery can be overwhelming and confusing. If you are facing cancer treatments, the idea of reconstruction surgery can be very emotional. During your consultation with the doctor you can decide what your best options are and what is best for you.

The different types of breast reconstruction are:

  • breast implants or expanders
  • breast implants with soft or muscle tissue flaps
  • soft or muscle tissue flaps
  • transfer of soft or muscle tissue flaps using microsurgical techniques

What is nipple reconstruction?

There are different ways to reconstruct the nipple. A common procedure in reconstructing the nipple is to use the skin from your reconstructed breast. A small piece of skin is taken from the breast and made into a new nipple. The nerves are not connected in the reconstructed breast; therefore most patients do not experience much pain with this type of surgery. Reconstructing the areola is another option. The skin is taken from a different part of the body and is then connected to the new nipple on the reconstructed breast. Creating an areola is another option. The nipple is reconstructed, as already described, and the skin around the nipple is surgically made into a darker color to create an areola.

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