Orange County Breast Asymmetry Correction

Most people have slightly different sized or shaped breasts, known as breast asymmetry. In some cases, the breast asymmetry is so marked that a surgical procedure is desired. The exact nature of the asymmetry is not always readily apparent but most patients are aware of a difference in volume of their breast tissues. But what is not so obvious is that, this is usually accompanied by more skin on the larger side, a larger nipple-areola complex, a difference in the relative position of the nipple-areola complex, a difference in the location of the mammary crease, and sometimes even a different prominence of the underlying rib cage. Not all of these facets of the asymmetry may be present and not all need be addressed to achieve an acceptable degree of symmetry. Depending on the degree of asymmetry, a number of procedures are available for correction of the breast asymmetry. The best approach is determined by your desire on how to balance the breasts. You may want to reduce the larger breast or to augment the smaller breast with an implant.

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