Brazilian Butt Lift Orange County - Newport Beach

The Brazilian Butt lift is a phenomenal procedure for those patients who desire a rounder, more projected, and curvaceous buttocks. The procedure involves removing fat from selected areas of the body via liposuction. Suitable liposuction sites may include the abdomen, love-handles, thighs, arms, back and saddle bags. The liposuctioned fat cells are then processed to remove connective tissue strands. The fat cells are then washed. The fat is then placed in small syringes and used during meticulous transfer into the buttocks. At Orange County Plastic Surgery, during fat injection, the fat cells are placed diffusely within the buttocks as minutes droplets of cells. Placement of fat cells in between viable cells of the buttocks enhances the chance for the transferred fat to obtain oxygen and nutrients from the adjacent living cells. In this manner, more of the transferred fat cells will survive and become permanent within the buttocks.This procedure not only removes fat from unwanted areas, but it shapes the buttocks to a rounder and more lifted contour with the liposuctioned fat.

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