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Brachioplasty, also referred to as arm lift surgery or arm reduction surgery, removes excess tissue that causes the upper arm to sag. The loose skin creates a flabby, unattractive look that can occur with age or weight loss. This look can be distressing for women, especially when tank tops and flirty t-shirts are the popular choice of wardrobe. The goal of the surgical procedure is to produce a reduction in the circumference of the upper arm. Liposuction might be suggested along with the arm lift to remove excess fat in order to create the desired result.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during an arm lift procedure?

An arm lift procedure can be simple to complex, depending on how loose the skin and supporting tissues are and how much of the extra skin needs to be removed. Incisions are made on the inner arm and this is where the excess skin is removed from. The goal is to keep the incisions well hidden but also placed best where the tissue can be tightened.

What is the recovery for arm lift surgery?

Recovery from arm lift surgery is approximately six weeks. Many people return to work two to three weeks following arm lift surgery but lifting heavy objects should be avoided for about six weeks. The incisions from the surgery should be protected and the doctor will place dressings around the arms. Resting your arms is recommended by elevating your arms to help reduce any discomfort. Lifting should be limited to help speed up recovery.

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